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Create Effective Teams

A working group was struggling to effectively communicate with team members, fellow employees and management.
They were charged with negotiating and working on problems with management and representing workers issues.


  • Better communication with team members, fellow employees and management
  • More effective problem solving as a team
  • Team was able to attract new members and assist them to quickly become productive.

A group of employees was struggling with challenges in their company. They felt overwhelmed with the amount of work and the expectations of customers and management. They were fearful for their jobs and were not sure if they had management support.


  • More comfortable in their roles
  • Better problem solving
  • More cohesion with staff and management
  • Better retention

A group of District Managers met four times per year to solve problems and to set plans for the future direction of the company.
Meetings were frequently non-productive and rambling. The leader was new and struggling in his role and the managers displayed a lack of individual leadership. Staff members were not impressed with their behaviour and worried about the direction of the company.


  • Greater productivity
  • Stronger decisions
  • More respect from staff

Build better leaders in your organization

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