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Catherine Armstrong
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Meet Catherine

Catherine has a wealth of experience in leadership, conflict management and working in teams, both in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Her custom designed, highly interactive workshops and team events provide relevant, practical and sustainable tools that develop leaders and enhance team effectiveness.

A student of leadership and conflict in organizations since 1993, Catherine models these communication and leadership skills as a business owner, facilitator, workshop presenter and coach.

Catherine is the author of “Does Anybody Hear Me? How Leaders Communicate So People Will Listen” and co-author of “Be The Leader They Love: Attracting and Retaining Staff While Earning Their Trust”.

She is a Professional member, and board Past President, of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

What clients say about Catherine

  • Although many of us had participated in presentations describing communication styles and the impact of individual’s styles on organizational culture, none of us had previously experienced the impact that Catherine’s presentation achieved. To this day I will have staff in meetings talk about the impact of the presentation and how they utilize the information regarding the different communication styles in their interactions.

Donna Hutton RN, Med
Executive Director
Alberta Association of Registered Nurses

  • Thanks so much for helping us through a painful part of our journey. You made it safe, fair and effective. Everyone is grateful for your contribution. They get it now!

Claudette Pelletier-Hannah
Hearts of Mid-Edmonton

  • Thank you very much Catherine. We can really feel the energy that you put into your work. I reviewed the evaluation and commentaries from each one of my staff and co-workers and I’m amazed to see how they feel this workshop has helped them in many ways. Some of them had to work harder due to the work time lost, but you know what: they all think that it was worth the effort.

Richard Fallu
Building Supervisor
Alberta Teachers’ Association

  • Catherine: the picture I have of you is of a cooling bubbly stream feeding the hungry questioning minds that come to you with nourishment, truth, honesty and the comfort of knowing you’re always safe to return to.

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